Even when no one is listening…

Image1. The strength to walk away from anything that is no longer a reflection of who they are or want to become: During my lifetime I’ve learned the necessity of walking one’s own path. Sometimes this means walking away from friendships, opportunities, expectations of others, self-doubt, lovers, a job, family or poisonous relationships. Leaving the comfort of familiarity is never easy. At times, we can become attached to dysfunction because it’s comfortable.

Image2. The courage to love without expectation. Loving completely requires a risk of rejection whether it be your love is scoffed at or taken for granted. Somewhere along the lone you will be hurt loving others. And sometimes your love will ask you to walk away when you need to stay; or to stay when you ought to walk away.   That’s when you need …

Image3. The discipline to be alone. In a world bent on distraction, it is imperative to make time for yourself. Run away to a place of solitude so you can center yourself. If you’re constantly in the presence of others you are neglecting the necessity of spending time separate long enough to define your path apart from others. How can you love if you don’t love yourself? How can you walk away if you don’t know what you are walking towards? Take time for yourself in clarity. Whenever I am unsure or lose my way I escape to my place of solitude – the courthouse steps. There, high above the busy streets and bustling businesses I find clarity. I don’t let myself leave until I am at peace. This is my sanctuary. My place of perfection. Here I find myself…until I lose myself once more…only to return and find myself again.

Image4. Never say forever. That’s right. Never ever, ever, EVER say forever. There’s no sense in forever. Forever is an empty promise. All you have is right now. Making empty promises with good intentions still makes you an awful person. Prove rather than promise. Actions mean a lot more than words. If you love someone show them. Don’t promise something you have no control over. All relationships end- either one of you die or you break up. All things change. And us with them.

Image5. You hold the key to your happiness. Don’t let anyone or anything else hold the key. If you want to be happy, then by God, BE HAPPY. Yes, it’s a choice. No amount of things, people or circumstances can change that. If you want to be happy then empty yourself of all earthly pleasures and see what you’re made of.


P.S. Maybe someday I’ll have some little kiddos to pass these life lessons onto…until then, I hope a reader or two gained some life knowledge 😉


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