Even when no one is listening…

August 13th, 2013

You say it’s my fault

that were no longer friends

with the same lips that swore

what it was we could ‘work it out’.

Guess I wasn’t aware that meant

sweeping all the heartache under the rug.

Dust collecting in heaps beneath us all

never to be looked at again.

Then you wonder why things were bumpy

we’re both standing on uneven ground

hoping things just work themselves out.

They won’t

So I grabbed my mess and ran away.

Cleaning the cobwebs of my soul.

Things left stagnant for too long.

Making progress each new day

I can’t just look the other way.

Out trust is broken- left in shards

Our friendship broken- torn apart

Communication was never clear

my emotions floating past your ears.

Forgiveness can only do so much

You’ve gotta learn to love it all

the brokenness within our faults.

I love you as you are

though you ignore my broken heart.

So point the finger and pin the blame.

When I’m gone will you feel the same?

Stubbornness is stopping us

We’ve gotta rebuild trust

Otherwise that rug you’re standing on

will bend our being and break our bones.

Maybe we are better apart

Maybe it’s no one’s fault


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