Even when no one is listening…

The Next Seven Weeks…

Never thought I’d say it but *here is comes* I miss college.

I miss the constant drive to learn. I miss the hectic schedule and running about. I miss the atmosphere of learning. I miss the opinionated professors. I miss the dull minded students, the know-it-alls, the nerds, the IT guys, the blonde daddy’s girls, the hipsters and the desperate single girls looking for a wedding ring. I miss the late nights. I miss the study dates. I miss the thick books. I miss the never ending assignments. I miss the ten minutes in between classes. I miss struggling to open my post office box. I miss the group projects that drive everyone up a wall. I miss little introverted me setting in the back soaking it all in.  I miss the hunger deep within to learn something grand and beautiful.  

That hunger is back with a fiery passion. I’m not in any position to be going back to school this Fall so I’m outlining a few areas of study on my own. Today I went to Barnes and Noble with my dear cousins – Emily and Victoria. As I browsed the walls of books neatly arranged by topic I fed the hunger. I let the hunger lead me to the religious and spiritual studies area. There I found a shelf of books long left neglected out of fear.



I selected three controversial titles:

“Chakras for Beginners.”
“Power Mandalas”
“Harper’s Essentials – Zodiac Signs”

I’ve heard constant chatter on the seven Chakras but have never taken the time to research what all the New Age hype is about. Same goes for Mandalas (For those of you wondering, a Mandala is an intricately designed symbol used for meditation purposes). As for the Zodiac, I’ve dabbled in studies here and there and am seeking to deepen my understanding of the theory. 

So for the next seven weeks I will be studying one of the seven chakras and their corresponding mandala. Stay posted for weekly updates on my findings. That is if you’re brave enough 😉


1187261_10151522304801642_1674810187_nIn other news, I’ve set some personal goals for September. I’ll be running, walking and using the elliptical for 25 miles each this month; working my way up to my next long run of ten miles sometime this Fall!!

I’m also participating in my own personal edition of the Thirty Day Letter Challenge. I’ll be writing letters to thirty (and then some) people in an effort to cultivate inner peace, clear karma and develop a great sense of self in relation to others. Check out my categories ———————————>

I haven’t decided what letters I’ll be sending. Rather, the point is to communicate, explore, come to terms with reality, share love and develop discernment in relation to which letters would actually be worth sending out.  

This is going to be….um….interesting?

Haha. This is the month for clearing house. This is the time of transformation. This is MY month to take care of self in preparation for the coming Winter. If you’re lucky (and I’m not feeling lazy) I’ll share some of these letters with my readers. 

Like I said, stay posted!! If you haven’t already hit that subscribe button 😉 That way you’ll receive an e-mail update in real time. 

And as always, YOU are invited to join me on this journey. Grab a pad of paper and make your own list of thirty. Or explore your local book store for areas of interest to you. Life is what you make it. So get out there and create something AWESOME!!!!

Much love,





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