Even when no one is listening…

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Hello blogging world!

Guess what I did this morning??


I walked out my front door into…

the 12th Annual Whitley County Autumn Art Festival


Wearing this beautiful scarf that my equally beautiful room mate Amara Gilraine gave me this morning from a REAL Buddhist temple because yes, she is just that awesome.


I was feeling connected to the colors blue and orange.

So after I walked around, saying my hellos and soaking in the atmosphere of music, art and beauty….


….I sat on the court house steps and colored a Life Force Energy Mandala using blue, orange and brown.

People looked at me funny


it’s an ART FESTIVAL people

this is normal behavior


Then I bought some cards by local photographer – Barb Cowen

 These will be added to my wall decor for shizzle


Oh, and I bought some jewelry.

Rose Quartz Jewelry 


Lady Luck Gems

1240562_10151530733851642_2108727292_n (1)

Okay, I bought some MORE jewelry.

Seriously, you really ought to check this designer out.


And as I took one last spin around the square I found these lovely flowers for a mere $2.

Not too bad for an impulse purchase 😉

So ya,

Over all it’s been a grand day.


Oh, and in 12 days I get to see this strapping young lad.


He’s been gone since MAY!!



{That’s my brother for those of you wondering}

Peace Out,

Rachel ❤

How was YOUR Saturday?? Leave a comment below 😉


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