Even when no one is listening…

Okay, so maybe I am a little unconventional. I don’t buy groceries unless I have a craving. Instead of paying $40 a month to have internet at my apartment I opt to bum free WIFI for the price of a large black coffee. And I don’t have a regular schedule. I sleep, I eat, I work, I run, I read, I write, I make friends, I cry, I laugh, I do, I color, I smile, I hug, I juggle responsibilities- in no particular order each day hoping for the best.


Schedules, deadlines and details make me uncomfortable.


I thrive on the unexpected, on the last minute, on chaos and dysfunction. Maybe because it’s what I grew up with?? Or maybe because I’ve developed a strong sense of adaptability and resilience in the face of danger 😉 Perhaps a bit of both??

I love being in the midst of calamity teetering on the edge of the unknown; it gives me the chance to use my quick thinking resourceful mindset. I make my own luck right when I need it.


Plans make me feel like I’m suffocating.


I absolutely adore being put on the spot, ridiculous circumstances and spontaneity. I’ve been accused of being distracted. Been told that I wouldn’t know a detail if I tripped over one. Struggled to find the balance between goals and living in the moment.

Such is life. And while I’ve tried to change this part of myself to fit the more westernized way of living concerned with five year plans and retirement accounts- it never works. I am always left unhappy, unsatisfied, empty and lost. I can’t save money, resources or anything else unless I know I’m gonna need it and won’t otherwise have access. If I have something available then I am gonna use it to fulfill my needs; with my excess I help others meet their needs.


Restrictions, rules and limitations either leave me depressed or running.


I fuel off of intuition, openness and freedom of expression. Anything else throws me into a whelm of extremity ranging from morbidly depressed or obsessively rebellious. I know this. I accept this. I understand that I am little bit crazy. I follow my heart which often ends in tears (both sorrow and joy). I make a habit of meeting new people. I care a little bit too much but more importantly I’ve learned how to balance taking care of myself with helping others learn how to care for themselves.

I’ve learned there is no value in self-pity, self-denial or self-deprivation. There is a basic human need for guidelines and direction; but once we start limiting our beings we have a problem. If your needs aren’t being meet they will find another unhealthy way to manifest.


What this has to do with the Root Chakra…


Studying the Root Chakra has helped me focus on the difference between needs and wants. I need food. I want pizza. I need to pee. I want to pee in a toilet instead of a hole in the ground. I need shelter. I prefer my apartment over my minivan when it comes to living quarters.


See the difference?


How often do we actually take time to focus on these differences? How often do we actually tune into what our body is telling us? When is the last time you gave into a healthy food craving? When is the last time you were hungry enough to know what you were craving? Are you in tune with your muscles, bones and nervous system? How’s that immune system of yours doing?




I hope it’s what you need. Because you can only seek what you want after you set the foundation of securely met needs. (But more on that NEXT week when we dive into the Sacral Chakra)




Sound like a silly question?


Well it isn’t.


Take JUST FOOD for example. A basic human necessity. How in tune are you to your need for nourishment? How many times a day do you eat and why? What kinds of food do you consume?


Why do so many of us feel the need to eat a certain number of calories instead of listening to what my body is telling me it needs?   Because our society has convinced us that sufficiency is based off averages of generalized numbers. Hunger has been replaced by dieting or binging.  Nutrition has been hijacked by the food pyramid. Life saving body fat has been introduced as repulsive. Really? This is the world we live in? When did our relationship to food become a battle of waistlines and numbers?


You NEED food to live. Eat because you are hungry. Eat what your body is craving; you have the receptors to let you know what foods are in season and needed to balancing out your nutrition.   Your body isn’t stupid. And certainly knows more than Cosmo when it comes to healthy living.


I don’t know….maybe I’m old fashioned but if I need to eat then by gawd I am gonna eat. And I am gonna eat whatever I have available at the moment that best suits what my body is asking for. My body is my friend, and I have taken great care to interpret its NEEDS. Once I stop doing that or even neglect a small part of my needs then everything else in my life falls to shit; much like a small child who ignores their need to pee and pisses all over themselves…now they need a shower and maybe some self esteem. See what I am getting at?


Your needs matter. Physical. Emotional. Spiritual. Whatever-al.

And you can only meet your needs if you take the time to figure out what they are.

Too often we let ourselves become busy with to-do list or become distracted by the media’s concept of what we need. When really we need to slow down, stop the noise and shut up. Only then can we listen to that still small voice deep within telling us what really matters.


If you’re feeling off balance then chances are you stopped tuning into that little voice. Adjust the dial my sweets. Fight for your right to know thyself. Do whatever it takes. Be a little selfish if you have to be. You can’t help anyone else if you can’t help yourself.


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