Even when no one is listening…


This is another one of those cheap, $1.00 book store finds that I almost left on the shelf. And what a shame that would have been! “Faking It”by Elisa Lorello is a modern day novel set in Long Island. Devin a male escort and Andrea (Andi) a writing professor agree to swap lessons in love making and writing. That alone should be enough to get your blood boiling 😉

As per usual, I will include some of my favorite quotes….

“When you put a high-maintenance woman in a low-maintenance town, the woman just stands out as having it all together.”

“Now I found myself missing….but that was all I had, it seemed. Memories.”

“He both annoyed and intrigued the hell out of me.”

“I looked down at the cracks in the pavement, at the shade of royal purple polish that was chipping off my toenails, at the ant dragging a crumb to his condo in the concrete…wondering what I’d just gotten myself into with this guy, as far as I knew, had all the morals of a tomato.”

“Nothing makes a guy more anxious than a woman who is constantly uptight about her body….You can’t please a man until you please yourself. Men like women who like their bodies, who feel comfortable in their own skin.”

“I probably listen to music the way you look at a piece of art. I hear more than just the song; I hear all the little nuances of the composition.”

“Even in the darkness of the theater his eyes sparkled.”

“I was not accustomed to a man sticking around, especially in the wake of my insecurity.”

“And then the indifference of Manhattan filled my ears yet again.”

“Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.”

“Despite the fact that we were old friends by now, the butterflies in my stomach never really dissipated.”

“But I had learned to stop waiting for things that never happen…”

“It simultaneously felt like yesterday and a lifetime ago.”

“Despite the relief of knowing, my insides swirled with sickness; I had sensed this truth all along.”

“He is both the artist and the work of art. He sees beauty, he creates beauty, and he is beauty. He is the lie that makes me realize the truth.”

“Those blue-green marbles and thick lashes folded around me and pulled me inside their warmth. I wondered if this is what it feels like for women, if this is how they want to be enveloped by men after sex, to be pulled inside and then fully embraced and enveloped with all their love and security; to feel the touch, the actual, physical touch. What does that feel like? Is that what they really mean when they say, ‘Go inside me’? I needed to know.” 

“We were so used to pushing each other away that neither of us knew any other response…I think it was the first time neither of us had anything to hide. And each saw a painful truth, indeed.”

“Or perhaps because I’ve gotten so good at silencing the voices of self-judgement that kept me from truly hearing anyone else.”………

“Because for me, the true love isn’t in the making the art; it’s being surrounded by it.”

“Life can be a series of happy mistakes.” 


Silly as it sounds this little book helped me uncover a world of insecurities left unacknowledged. Both men and women a like could gain a world of wealth from reading “Faking It”. You.Won’t.Be.Disappointed.




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