Even when no one is listening…

solarplexusOh, the Solar Plexus. I thought this one was going to be difficult.And it was. Only not in the ways I expected. I went into this week thinking that the Solar Plexus Chakra was all about control. It’s not. The Solar Plexus is all about self & the power to choose. 

Things like: Self-mastery, self-assertion, self-control, self-restraint and self-discipline. 

Discernment was a reoccurring theme in all my research.

The art of discernment is a balancing act I’ve been cultivating over the past three years. And as if a light bulb went off in my mind everything made sense. I’ve spent three years centering myself from the ground up.

Three years. Three chakras. Three crucial life lessons.

The Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras are all part of foundation; that if left imbalanced prevent one from climbing to higher Chakra development. You can experience glimpses of the Throat, Third Eye and Crown.  The Heart Chakra is the bridge but more on that next week I suppose….

1. Pick a symbol that personifies the chakra


I picked poop because the digestive system is intricately linked to the Solar Plexus.

More on that in my free write.

2. Color the corresponding Mandala



3. Research the yoga poses that correlate with keeping the Chakra balanced


Boat Pose

Bow Pose

Bow Pose

4. Read the corresponding chapters of “Chakras for Beginners.”

5. Choose a song that describes how you feel in relationship to the Chakra

“I know you want the best

yeah, only good things for me

but you have to realize

I can’t be all these things

you project on me

Doesn’t that mean a thing?

I feel lovely

Just the way that I am

Yes, I feel lovely

The way that I am”

6. Free Write/Read


7.Come up with an activity that connects you to the Chakra

Really I’ve been doing a LOT of research online and personal reflection.

If you want to know more then read my free write for the week.

solarplexus affirmations

Or check out some of the awesome websites I found about the Chakras




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