Even when no one is listening…


1. Pick a symbol that personifies the Chakra


Roses are a beautiful symbol of love.

A rose bud alone is a simple sort of beauty with the potential of blossoming into breathtaking beauty.

Love works the same way. An open heart is the highest form of beauty.

2. Color the corresponding mandala 


3. Research the yoga poses that correlate with keeping the Chakra balanced







4. Read the corresponding chapters of “Chakras for Beginners.”


 5. Choose a song that describes how you feel in relationship to the Chakra

“And if he never felt that way
Why would you want him to stay?

When you have come so far
From the place you started
Just be the girl you are
Although you’re broken hearted

You gotta get up every morning
Even if it has to be alone
He ripped your heart out without warning
But now you have the whole day on your own”

6. Free write/read

Read It

7. Come up with an activity that connects you to the Chakra

This week Olivia and I celebrated my one year anniversary of the day I “snapped” by getting icecream at Dairy Queen. I’ve learned that opening my heart means loving my self first and staying true to me. And that’s exactly what I had to do on September 25th, 2012. By taking a stand for myself I “lost” many people whom I thought were friends. The abundance of support I’ve received since then has been phenomenal. All my losses were actually making room for the blessings to come.1237680_10202357892131870_1262280930_n

To all of you who said I went off the deep end…

I did.

And Guess what?

It was the BEST thing that ever happened to me.

Now I’m swimming in the waters of life soaking in the sunshine 😉

Care to join me?

Next up —-> the Throat Chakra




Comments on: "Heart {Green/Pink} Chakra – Week #4 – Study Summary" (2)

  1. Emma (Olivias little sister emma ) said:

    i see you have a website………… AND I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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