Even when no one is listening…

Demons At Bay

Think you’ve got me

All figured out

Well think again

I’m full of doubts

There’s part of this heart

That I’ll never show

There’s a piece of me

That you’ll never know

I’m restless deep within

A mystery to myself

Learning all that I am

Is not all that I’ve felt

I’m a lock without a key

I’m a poem without a rhyme

Darling, seek me all you want

But there’s nothing left to find

Love, can’t you see

This is something

I have to face

In my own strength

There’s part of my heart

I’ve never seen

There’s a piece of my life

That’s long been missing

I’m restless fighting this

And nervous all around

Finding all my answers

Connected to my crown

Alone in my loneliness

I’m better off this way

No one can help me through this

Only I can face this pain


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