Even when no one is listening…

You were always

My favorite distraction

Now you’re distracting me

In ways I never fathomed

The kind of ways

No one enjoys

Being pulled apart

Piece by piece


There’s nothing left

To tear open

My soul laid bare

Before the world

My breast exposed

My chest cut open

The divine pouring forth

From my blood

There I lay

Decaying in my own filth

All that is beautiful

All that is worn

All that is I

All that used to be “us”


There’s nothing left

To rot away

My bones crumbling

To ashes

My flesh absorbed

Into the earth

My blood run dry

Only ashes remain

Subtle, scattered and sinking

There I am no more

Transformed by the

Passing of time

Gone yet present

Invisible yet visible

Weak yet strong

Unaware yet conscious


I rise again

This time

A different form

Unknown to me

Foreign and familiar

Growing from

Infancy of the soul



Stumbling at first

Awkward and frail

Seeping in potential






I fly

Towards the sun

Free to live

Free to die

And free to all

That lies in-between


And after


No matter what happens

I survive

Not only that

I thrive

Not only that

I am alive

Always alive


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