Even when no one is listening…

The Art Fair

Beautiful moments

Lack in luster

If you’ve no one

To share them with

I set alone

Surrounded by people

Atop the courthouse steps

Overlooking the fair

Waves of harmony

Floating past my ears

Winds of Autumn

Flowing through my hair

Moments like these

Remind me of

My perpetual state

Of loneliness

The girl

Many love

But few enjoy

I’m strong

So no one sees

The sadness lingering

In my heart

They wouldn’t

Believe it anyhow

I look too alive

In my bright blue

And orange

A flower in my hair


Mask my acceptance

Of loneliness

I’ve learned

To be so

I’ve learned

The art of

Getting by

Solo in life

Together long enough

To cause a fuss

Apart long enough

To make them miss me

But not enough

For them to do

Anything about it…


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