Even when no one is listening…


The other day, my boyfriend Jeff and I were grocery shopping together. Wandering our way isle by isle we eventually reached the snack food. Our cart already filled with fresh produce, scrumptious whole grains and the necessities of eggs, milk and butter. Jeff went to grab a bag of chocolate covered mini donuts.

“Three for five!” he exclaimed eagerly picking out three bags. I cringed. Taking a bag from the shelf I read the nutritional information.

“Do you have any idea how many calories are in these things??”

“What’s a calorie?” he asked innocently.

“You’re kidding.”


Dumbfounded I struggled to explain. “Well calories are energy units…um…my body needs 1800 calories just to maintain my weight…and this is just a lot of empty calories…”

“Well, I don’t care about calories,” Jeff smiled sweetly. “I like chocolate donuts.” He stuffed three bags in the cart and we continued our shopping.


Since dating Jeff I’ve stopped letting food rule my life. I’ve stopped calorie counting; instead I eat when I’m hungry. I’m more concerned with wholesome ingredients while enjoying sweets and snacks occasionally. My metabolism has boosted as a result. My energy level is more balanced. I go to bed tired. I wake up rested. Jeff is teaching me the importance of loving your own body. All of it.

This man worships my stretchmarks, adores my belly fat and cherishes every inch of my form. He doesn’t try to change me. In fact, my Jeffery told me that he would miss my belly if I were to ever somehow lose it haha

Jeffery wants only the best for me. He makes a point of helping me become a stronger version of myself. Lovingly he massages my muscles; working them to the point of surrender. He makes a point to care for me in this way. The results are abundant. I can feel the difference in my body physically and emotionally. My weak spots are growing stronger. My endurance lengthening.  My appetite through the roof! 

Now I’m left wondering why I spent so much time consumed with numbers and expectations. I’m healthy. I’m happy. I’m alive 🙂

Most importantly, I love myself inside out and outside in 😉 Thank you Jeffery for opening my eyes to the true beauty of being human…what it means to be alive. Thank you for being ignorant of calories. And teaching me to eat chocolate donuts just because they are yummy 🙂


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