Even when no one is listening…


I’m on defense dodging punches that don’t exist.

I was the one there when no one else was.

I saw you in all your glory.

In all the dust left after she left you discarded, hollow and used.

Three things I would never dare attempt.

I was the girl who loved you during your darkest moments.

In all your self loathing pity…

I saw a light you yourself didn’t recognize.

And now that you’ve found this flame,

you fail to remember

that I was the one

who blew that spark back into existence.

Funny how that works.

How the light can blind us

and the darkness makes us see.

Close your eyes old love

and you will see the times I held your heart

when you were too weak

to even acknowledge your need.

I did this out of love,

perhaps selfishly hoping

you’d return the favor

when I was to fall apart.

Only you were the one

to do the tearing

the ripping

the crumbling

piece by piece


taking from me what you needed

until you found

there was nothing left

for me to give

nothing left

for you to take.

And now you’re angry with me.

Perhaps, really disgusted with yourself

for destroying such beauty

for ruining

the very thing that brought you back to life.


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