Even when no one is listening…


It’s been a month since we spoke

and even then we didn’t speak

rather we lingered

in the silences of text messages

being transmitted across towers

silent sound waves carrying messages

neither of us intended to

amount to much of anything

I longing to hold you in my arms

to behold that devilish look in your eyes

to hold your face in my hands

to drink of your spirit

and you,


I do not know what it is you desired.

My sex.

My breasts.

My womanly flesh.

My body.

To be used

and then

discarded empty

until I learn

to fill myself up again

when all I want

is to be full full

of your spirit

not momentarily

in heated passion

but the kind of fullness

that bathes your body

and washes your soul

but that you cannot give me

ignorant of my desire

 Hollow within your great depths

that I’ve lost myself in

time and time again

you cannot fill me

you cannot even fill yourself


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