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What It Means To Be Your Daughter



how things have changed.

Me for the better

You for the worse.

Only you can’t tell

the difference.

Everything is upside down.

Making my world

right side up.

Twisted and wobbled

you distort reality.

Sitting on your throne

of illusions.

Casting down judgments

you have no authority to give.

Like some sort of god

viewing me as a rebel daughter

chasing disaster.

Nothing will make you see

that the only thing I’m chasing

is my liberty

my freedom

my voice

my life essence

that you stole from me

over years and years

of indoctrination

belittlement of spirit

and coherence of will.

You whittled me away

molding me like clay

into the daughter you wished me to be

ignoring the pleas

of my spirit within

demanding compliance

at any cost

willingly ignorant of the

beautiful woman within

struggling to be free.

I’ve tried to make you understand

I cannot





There’s nothing left to do

but submit my spirit unto you

and myself (willingly) die

a living corpse

within a haunted family.

Ghosts of our ancestors mistakes

Possessing the lives we live

the words we speak

the thoughts we act upon.

I refuse.

I choose to live a life of my own accord.

Submitting only to my will.

Acting only in my own volition.


Breaking the hold

you threaten me with

by withholding the love

that once lived in your heart

choosing hatred and selfish will

over the daughter

you love to hate

in the name of family, god and self preservation.

This is goodbye

and the start of something new

A new family

A new start

A new daughter to love, cherish and let grow free.


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