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Engagement Party



So these two crazy bridesmaids (and Olivia’s dear mum) threw Jeffery and I the loveliest of Engagement Parties.

10473394_10204595756717086_6691924622408005078_n 10420010_10204595749916916_4147603020844388874_n

I mean just LOOK at that food! Olivia my dear, you are quite the chef ūüėČ





A beautiful day spent with family and friends. 


My brother Michael and his girlfriend with Jeffery and I.





Wedding planning is well underway! I couldn’t be happier to marry this hunk!


Especially surrounded by such loving, supportive friends and family. 


~* Smith Wedding 2015 *~

Coming Soon ūüėČ


How I Feel About All This…

As an aspiring writer with a blog I have a few personal¬†thoughts on blogging and social media….


1. Keep It Classy –¬†Basically: present yourself articulately and politely. Personal attacks that name a particular individual (I believe corporations or groups like non-profits are exempt from this) are not classy. Keep that shit private. If you don’t like your best friend because she fucked your boyfriend tell her face-to-face. Announcing personal drama on social media is not classy. Punch that bitch in the face if you want! Just don’t use a facebook status to do it. In all seriousness though, Social media is the public sphere of internet sharing. Keep it classy friends.¬†

2. Keep Your Cool –¬†Early on, decide how you want to use your social media. Throwing your personal thoughts into cyberspace is not something to be taken lightly. Sometimes it can be like standing on a rooftop shouting and other times it can be like a soft whisper in the wind. The awesome part about it is YOU ¬†get to choose. After all, you’re the one presenting yourself. And there are are plenty of options. You can: lead, follow, observe, shout, whisper, nudge, market etc. YOU set the tone.

Be cool. And be aware of the consequences that come with social media usage. Just like face-to-face conversation, anything can happen. Be prepared. And please, don’t whine like a little bitch if someone doesn’t like what you have to say.Had a bad day at work? Did McDonald’s mess up your big mac? Go ahead and vent. Just understand that most of the world doesn’t give a shit. And those that do, probably consist of your best friend, dog and grandma. Beware of attention seeking and drama starting internet whores that will take the opportunity to turn your frustrations into an even more infuriating argument. Trust me, this shit happens. That’s why it’s important to think before you speak posting. Many reputations have been tainted from social media abuse. Keep your cool.¬†

3. Keep It Clear – Differentiate¬†between fact,¬†fiction¬†and mere opinion. When dealing with written and verbal communication, I find clarity to be key. Make sure your audience knows when you’re discussing:

FACT “something that truly exists or happens : something that has actual existence OR a true piece of information”

FICTION “written stories about people and events that are not real : literature that tells stories which are imagined by the writer OR something that is not true.”

OPINION “a belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something : what someone thinks about a particular thing.”

Confusion, rumors and needless arguments can arise when these three aren’t clearly labeled. So keep it clear my dears ūüôā



4. Keep it¬†Consistent –¬†This is where things can get a bit tricky. Consistency has a lot to do with honesty and integrity. If the social media you are using has a comment feature take some time to understand what that means for you as a user. Some sites offer the option of turning off the comment feature. If you’d rather not deal with comments on what you post, then I’d suggest you take advantage of this feature. Another option that is sometimes available is to moderate comments. This feature is helpful when dealing with spam posts and/or internet harassment. If you choose to moderate, you have the power to approve or deny comments submitted; such as: spam, hate speech, demeaning language/tone etc. Or you can simply allow free range on comments. Whatever you choose, keep it consistent…which leads to my last point….

5.¬†Prevent and Report¬†Cyber Bullying-¬†Now, I know some of you are probably wondering why I brought this up. Cyber bullying? Doesn’t that effect kids in school? Yes, but cyber bulling can happen to anyone. As adults, we like to use terms like: harassment, name calling, hate speech, stalking, intimidation etc. Essentially, it’s the same thing. If you feel that someone is using social media to intimidate, threaten or silence your person: then take action. Sites like Face Book, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and many more all have reporting and blocking features. Be smart in who you chose to let see your personal information. If you don’t want to talk to someone then you don’t have to. ¬†Don’t be afraid to ignore friend requests, deny personal advances, turn off private messaging, or to simply ask someone to stop. If that doesn’t work, then block a user from communicating with you or from viewing your site. For more serious issues, document everything that could be used in a court of law. You can take a screenshot for example before deleting comments and blocking the individual. If you need help removing someone from your social network, contact the support team of the website you need help with. They will usually be more than glad to help you solve your problem. You can generally find the support email address on the website itself, or it you can’t find it there search on Google. Do know that, the law suggests, for your protection to not converse with those that continue on after being asked to stop by the person they are bullying. ¬†Some cyber problems can spill out into real life if you’re not careful. So do your best to understand, prevent and report cyber bullying.¬†


So there you have it! My personal guidelines for using the inter-webs. I’ve had a lot of trial and error and hope my readers can learn from my experiences. That being said, I have a bit to say on a poem I wrote recently entitled,“What It Means To Be Your Daughter”. I wrote it back in April and just recently published it to my blog. If you check out my Poetic Musings¬†page you will find that I have shared quite a bit of my work; with pieces conveying various content, tone and meter. Whenever I update my blog, WordPress has a nifty feature that sends a link to my facebook fan page; from there I can share the link to my personal page or where ever on Facebook. I LOVE this feature because it allows my work and thoughts to “get out there”. I mean it’s free advertising and who doesn’t love FREE marketing?? This poem was never meant as a personal attack towards my family. In fact, this piece could be interpreted many different ways according to the reader. We all look at life through ¬†lenses of experiences. That’s the beautiful part of poetic writing. No two people relate to poetry the same exact way. A poem is read a thousand different ways by a thousand different people.

Certain individuals have chosen to share the link to my poem because they find it inappropriate. I am choosing to not take it down as I stand by my work completely. And ask you to read it for yourself if you haven’t already.

Until we meet again,


April Showers

Okay readers, I know it’s been a while.

So here’s a photo recap on the recent happenings this month.




For starters, I’m still super in love with this man.


I mean…how could I not? Just look at that puppy dog face!



This goofball and I upgraded from tricycles to….

10003445_10151917521631642_4068895919522328275_n…this 2006 Chevy Malibu!

10260027_10151924559971642_8207353117492206459_nI can’t remember the last time I had a car that I wasn’t afraid to drive longer than ten minutes


Of course we HAD to take it for a bit of a joy ride


To CASA’S in Fort Wayne.

The “first” date he asked me on…only six months and few dozen dates later ūüėČ

‚̧ Totally worth the wait ‚̧


We also went to North Manchester, IN to visit Jeff’s old neighbor hood.

And of course, pose for a photo by this lovely covered bridge.


Oh, and to hunt down the Ice Cream Truck.

This photo doesn’t nearly capture his true excitement.



To celebrate….


…this Diva’s 18th birthday!


That’s right. She’s 18 bitches.


{Insert random photo of my man modeling on a bench here}


‚̧ Back to the birthday girl ‚̧

I’m so proud of you Olive for bettering yourself as a person each and every year. Stay beautiful. Stay Strong. Strive towards improvement everyday while taking time to relax, breathe and eat a shit ton of good food ūüėČ I love you lil’ sister. Can’t wait to watch you grow up even more!


So basically that’s been my life for the past month.

More exciting changes to come ūüôā



The Best Personality Test Available On The Internet

Readers, grab a pen and paper. Then click on the photo below.



Eight questions. Easy. 15 minutes tops.

I promise.

Unless you have a bad internet connection, an untimely emergency or have a learning disability of some sorts…

What are you waiting for???

Click the link!








(Which I found surprisingly accurate. My commentary upon reading the interpretation is in italics.)

1. Depth. Warmth. Comfort. Fear. Respect. Power. Life.

Some may say I’m overly dramatic but I just like to soak life in. I’m not sure I have a middle ground when it comes to emotions.

2. Crunchy leaves with grass poking beneath. I’m¬†barefoot¬†hoping for the best. All of nature attacks me¬†from all angles.

Uhhhh, ya. That pretty much sums up my family life. I’m hopeful that things will brighten and “spring” will come…

3. God, don’t poop on me.


I don’t like women. Some are tolerable but for the most part – GAWD- just leave me be.

4. Strength in numbers. I don’t understand why everyone loves horses like they are the ONLY beautiful creature in the world… I mean horses are okay and yes they are beautiful but why all the hype over horses?

Perhaps this is deeply connected to the wounds in my life left by the patriarchy system? 

5. I’d wish away the wall¬†because….¬†why the hell would there be a wall just chilling in the dessert?? Obviously, I’m¬†delusional. If that¬†didn’t work I’d walk around it.


6. I’d be skeptical. And wonder why I’m alone in the dessert without water. Like WTF Rachel??? What did you do to get yourself in this situation?¬†

Highly skeptical.

7. Knock on the door. Hope for the best. Call my man to come get me.

Ready for shizzle. 

8. I’d soak it in. Fell the wetness. Wishing I could splash about in it.


Bring it. 

Soooooooo….how did your answers pan out?

Comment below!

February: {Lessons In Love}


Flowers for our Three Months

February 10th, Jeffery and I celebrated three months of love, tears, hugs, kisses and laughter. Three months of late nights, early mornings and endless joy. I’m not sure how it’s possible but in a mere three months we’ve seen each others worst; shared our darkness and relished in our flaws and imperfection. I’m still blown away. Breathless yet full of joy, happiness and love. He’s my person, best friend, lover and soul mate. Just when I started to doubt love would ever appear- he found me. I was just a couple months delayed in noticing what was right in front of me. Part of me wished I had waited for him. The other part of me realizes out mutual brokenness is what brought us together. Heartache our greatest lover, our darkest demons a blessing, the mistakes we’ve shared perhaps leading the way all this time.


Jeffery surprised by the promise ring I gave him.

Love isn’t nearly what I expected. Before Jeffery I had only experienced love in parts. Here and there. Fragmented. Brokenly beautiful. The day Jeffery told me through tears that he was picking up the pieces of my being; committed to putting together the puzzle of my brokenness I knew I had found a complete whole love.

For the first time in my life, I’ve experienced love first hand. Wrapping me up in all angles. Coming from all directions. Consuming all of me. Filling me completely. Overflowing, pouring over the brim. Breaking down my walls. Flooding light into my darkness. Unconditionally giving. Sacrificially living. Chipping away at my insecurities. Breaking me down then building me back up again.


Flowers for Valentine’s Day

And I feel whole again.

Only this time, it’s an undeniably true existence. There are no clouds of doubt. No pangs of guilt. Nor any fear of shame.

I’ve found “GOD” within Jeffery’s love towards me. He is my personal representation of Jesus. And while I don’t know quite how to explain it…I am once again comfortable with the concept of “GOD”. Only “GOD” is so much bigger to me. I still don’t believe in a man in the sky nor a personal deity buried beneath doctrine and tradition. I believe in a god that can’t be documented, measured or confined to words on a page. I believe in the love we all ache for and desire to give.

To me- “GOD” is love – and love resides in each heart.

I am not lost.

I am not bitter.

I am not empty nor full of darkness. I am discovering. I am joyful and forgiving. I am the light of life; sometimes only an ember and other times a fierce flame….

All because someone loved me. All because someone showed me grace. All because Jeffery Wayne Smith chose to love me unconditionally.


¬† And isn’t that the “God-Shaped Hole” we all want to fill? Isn’t that what God is all about? Isn’t that what’s left when you cut away all the doctrinal fluff of religion?

Spiritual beings with a spiritual hunger to be loved and love in return. 

My religious friends, I am not that different from you. Yes, I got good and angry. Confused and bewildered. Hurt and abandoned. But all that chaos led me down the path of selfless love, holiness and forgiveness.¬†A journey I won’t soon forget.

Jeffery Wayne Smith, thank you for imparting your Christ-based love to me. You are what a true Christian is called to be. You have saved me life in every way a person can possibly be saved.

Thank you my love.

I look forward to spending an eternity of life and love with you….”Forever & Forever Infinity Google” ‚̧

Your ‘flower’,

Rachel Margaret Sproles

Happy New Year 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1512755_10151745779521642_1029353279_nHappy New Year!!!


We celebrated with Oliva Noel last night with Native American War Paint


After watching New Year’s Eve¬†¬†we went outside with candles, incense and a box full of glitter

1527061_10203129568303292_1664016450_nAfter sharing our favorite moment of 2013 we waited for the courthouse clock to strike midnight….


and threw all the sparkly magic into the wind


covering the courthouse steps

And of course…


I got that New Year’s kiss from the love of my life! ūüėČ

Merry Christmas 2013!


Photos taken by Olivia Noel. 

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